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Restaurant & Retail
Premier Talent Acquisition and Recruiting Conference

Self Opportunity, Inc. is excited to once again be hosting the Meeting of the Minds in Dallas, TX.  In fourteen years we have turned this friendly networking session of HR and recruiting professionals over lunch in a Dallas restaurant into one of the largest gatherings of Restaurant & Retail Talent Acquisition and Recruiting professionals.  We currently have HR and recruiting restaurant, retail and hospitality professionals from across the country attend our conference.

The Meeting of The Minds includes industry related keynote speakers and breakouts sessions we call "MBA in a Day".  This year we are truly making this event about the Talent Acquisition and Recruiting professional by having your industry peers lead these breakouts on the most current recruiting and talent acquisition topics in the industry. Breakout leaders will be leading the discussion on some of their best recruiting practices and then facilitate discussion among the group to generate more ideas to share within the sessions.  Our goal with this conference is to bring HR and recruiting professionals together to network, share recruiting best practices, and talk talent acquisition. 

We have also aligned with the top industry partners to provide attendees information on the latest in technology with respect to job boards, job search engines, assessments, and other recruiting tools.  These event sponsors will also get the opportunity to lead “Tool Time” breakouts during the conference.  We hope you come and exchange/grow your knowledge about recruitment efforts in this great industry!

Remember our purpose for the Meeting of the Minds was never to profit monetarily from the conference so we share a portion of the proceeds with the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  We know the MDA organization first-hand and support their focus is to better the lives of those who have been stricken with a Neurological Muscular Disease.

 We will also have our famous “MBA in a Day” breakout sessions.


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